Book Club



We met last Wednesday and discussed the book  – I see you, by Clare  Macintosh.  It was loved by four but less so by the remaining three members.  Yes, we had Seven members, so things are definitely looking up numbers wise (is that even a real word?)

Anyhow, even though I wasn’t there (or maybe because I wasn’t there) the members had a wonderful time!  They had a full discussion about the book and apparently Mill Ride really did us proud with a wonderful lunch laid on!

As you can see below, our next meeting is in November, when I will DEFINITELY be there so will start tracking down the book as soon as possible.  We will need to think about what we would like to add to our book list for reading next year.  Joan Humphreys kindly gave me an excellent article on book clubs which highly recommends a number of books.   Thank you Joan.   Best  wishes  – Jean

Thursday 2 November – the Paris architect (Charles Balfoure)

friday 1 December – the Persuader (Lee Child)


please make  a note on your calendars and we hope to see you there