Book Club



Although a very small group, I heard that a wonderful time was had by all and the book discussed “Cuckoo Calling” was enjoyed.  Comparisons were made to other detective books like those written by Lee Child.

But on to our next book:  

This comes highly recommended by those of us who have already read it.   A thoroughly good read, drama, suspense, romance, probably the best book Nora Roberts has ever written, so even if you are not keen on her, give it a try!    But join us on Monday 26th June at mid day for lunch at Mill Ride.

Monday 26th June – The Search (Nora Roberts)

Tuesday 8th August – Me before you (Jo Jo Moyes)

dates below in process of being confirmed with Mill Ride.

Wednesday 20 September –  I see you  (Clare McIntosh)

Thursday 2 November – the Paris architect (Charles Balfoure)

friday 1 December?